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Latest release: MEMORIA VIVA
Already having gained world-wide popularity as the bassist of prog legends OPETH, Martin Mendez now returns with another virtuous death metal crusher that vividly captures the fear, loss of control and despair of pandemic times in eight new tracks. For their second album ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’, his project WHITE STONES goes further down the path of progressive extreme metal with haunting growls, jazz induced intermezzi and an incredible level of technical perfection. As a visual accompaniment, WHITE STONES also just revealed their first video clip for the song ‘Chain Of Command’. Influenced by John Coltrane and Wilbur Harden, this first single release allows multiple genres to co-exist and harmonize with each other while creating a threatening extreme metal atmosphere of fear and isolation – the perfect soundtrack to a lockdown!


01. Memoria Viva
02. Humanoides
03. D-Generación
04. Zamba de Orun
05. La Ira
06. Somos
07. Grito al silencio
08. Vencedores Vencidos
09. Yemayá


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